GROUP ANDERSEN was born from the union of four companies dedicated to the integral health of the animal focused on nutrition, prevention and application of pharmaceutical products according to each need.

Every company in the group is focused on solving any problems present in any species, both for production animals and for pets. We accompany all stages of animal development, with products made to be applied from birth and during growth, guaranteeing optimal development of animal welfare and, therefore, maximizing the profitability of the farmer.


Because we cover and attend all the needs of health, nutrition, welfare and animal development in all its species.

Because we have an experience that guarantees the excellence of our products and their effectiveness in each field of action.

Because we have a team of highly qualified professionals in their areas, who give prompt and assertive attention to any questions.



Nutritional solutions for production animals

We have been present in the market for more than 45 years, and we are committed to providing products with high-value nutritional solutions for production animals and pets, focused on improving their quality of life and welfare through innovative and high-tech products, and to improving the performance of animals.

Pharmaceutical products for production animals

Dopharma Iberia was born from a Joint Venture between Andersen S.A. and Dopharma S.L., which came together to sell the pharmaceutical products of both companies in the Spanish market. Between the two, they bring together more than 80 years of experience that translate into the excellence of their products.

our star product

We have produced and sold Toyocerin for more than 10 years. Toyocerin is a natural microorganism whose main function is the stabilization of the gastrointestinal microflora, improving production yields, as well as optimizing the digestion of nutrients administered in the diet.

Natural food products
for pets

Böthmen Pharma laboratories design, manufacture and sell food supplements aimed at the veterinary sector under the Dr.Vet brand. These products are designed to help prevent and mitigate pathologies that affect animal´s health and quality of life.